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Welcome to the Year Six Page!


Make sure you leave us a comment on the latest blog post! It's a fab way of keeping in touch with each other.

Your teachers are: Mr Jones and Miss Shirra

Learning for week beginning 01/06/20 - Heros! See above for this week's learning. 
Learning for week beginning 27/04/20 - Year 6 Chefs! Click on the link for a unit of work based on DT, maths and English - we hope you enjoy it, let us know how you're getting on, we love getting emails and photos! Year 6 home learning - after Easter Year 6 chefs.docx
Learning for week beginning 04/05/20 - Year 6 Theme Park Tycoons! Click on the link for a unit of work based on building your theme park - we hope you enjoy it, let us know how you're getting on, we love getting emails and photos! - please email us if you need anything sending again.
As you are probably aware all exams including the SATs have been cancelled. However, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you that last week we did some mock SATs and that our results were very encouraging. The children worked incredibly hard and we couldn't be more proud of them!  We have set lots of tasks/ activities that the children can be getting on with at home. Please don't feel any pressure to complete all of these, they are optional. Children can work through them at their own pace. 
Beneath this is a list of useful websites to use during this time. Looking after our physical and mental well being over the next coming weeks will be important so we have added several websites with this in mind. 
For those children who access SATs companion all the possible assessments have been assigned. Children can keep a record of their scores if they want to. They can see if they can beat their scores each week! Please remember to use the video lessons to help you.  Here is a link to show your parents how to use the website:
For those children who access Education City several Maths, English and Science tasks have been assigned. I have tried to assign several tablet friendly ones. All of them can be accessed on a laptop or home computer. 
Your child has also been given a pack in school which outlines what they can do at home for each subject. We are excited to see how your child chooses to present their history projects! 
This email will be the best way of keeping in touch with us: year6teachers@asquithprimary.org  From now on we will be checking it daily. 
See below for paper copies of useful documents.
Remember to pace yourselves and not try to do everything at once. We have set A LOT of work and we certainly don't expect for it all to be done in a week! 
Thank you so much for your continued support with this. 
Kindest regards, 
Miss Shirra, Mr Jones and the Year 6 Team  



Click on this link for our optional challenges! Optional Challenges!

Flynn and his Flight status! Before the partial closing of our school some of you were aware that Flynn had entered a very exciting ad important competition! I was so excited to find out what had happened that I asked him to write a few words about it for our web page. Please see below to find out what has  happened. I highly recommend watching the time lapse video - it is fascinating! 

Below is a unit of learning based around Inside Out (the film) It covers areas such as strong emotions, empathy and anger - could be useful to explore how we are feeling over the next few weeks. I have made it with children of all ages in mind so you can go through the PowerPoint and complete the activities with siblings. Let us know what you think via our year 6 email! 

 Character description sheet.pdfDownload
 Inside out Power point - stick it on and follow the slides!.pptxDownload
 sheet 1 - What makes you feel these emotions.docxDownload
 sheet 2 - empathy.docxDownload
 sheet 3 - anger.docxDownload
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Below is a list of useful documents. Please complete the pandemics work, science questions and learn your spellings.  Let us know what you think via our year 6 email! 

 Home learning for Year Six.docxDownload
 Pandemics year 5 and 6 - Topic work.docxDownload
 Science Questions.pdfDownload
 spelling list years 5 and 6 word mat.pdfDownload
 Useful websites to use.docxDownload
 Useful websites to use.pdfDownload
 Write in your scores for SATs companion assessments.docxDownload
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Please use this link for your history project:


Please don't feel that you have to use this timetable, you might have already come up with ideas as a family as to how you will divide your time between learning and family time. However, some people have asked for an idea of how to spend each day and spread the learning over each week. Hopefully this is helpful. As a family we will be sticking to something that looks like this to maintain some kind of routine and sanity! Do keep emailing if you have any other concerns or requests. year6teachers@asquithpriary.org 

Year 6 Maths Objectives:


Year 6 Maths Key Objectives Taken from the National Curriculum

Use negative numbers in context, and calculate intervals across zero

Divide numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit whole number using the formal written method of long division, and interpret remainders as whole number remainders, fractions, or by rounding, as appropriate for the context

Use their knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations

Use common factors to simplify fractions

Compare and order fractions, including fractions > 1 Add and subtract fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers, using the concept of equivalent fractions

Multiply simple pairs of proper fractions, writing the answer in its simplest form

Divide proper fractions by whole numbers Associate a fraction with division and calculate decimal fraction equivalents [for example, 0.375] for a simple fraction

Multiply one-digit number with up to two decimal places by whole numbers

Use written division methods in cases where the answer has up to two decimal places Solve problems involving the calculation of percentages [for example, of measures, and such as 15% of 360] and the use of percentages for comparison

Recall and use equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages, including in different contexts.

Solve problems involving the relative sizes of two quantities where missing values can be found by using integer multiplication and division facts

Solve problems involving similar shapes where the scale factor is known or can be found

Solve problems involving unequal sharing and grouping using knowledge of fractions and multiples.

Use simple formulae

Generate and describe linear number sequences

Express missing number problems algebraically Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and vice versa, using decimal notation to up to three decimal places

Convert between miles and kilometres

Calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles

Calculate, estimate and compare volume of cubes and cuboids using standard units Illustrate and name parts of circles, including radius, diameter and circumference and know that the diameter is twice the radius

Find unknown angles in any triangles, quadrilaterals, and regular polygons Recognise angles where they meet at a point, are on a straight line, or are vertically opposite, and find missing angles

Describe positions on the full coordinate grid (all four quadrants)

Draw and translate simple shapes on the coordinate plane, and reflect them in the axes.

Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs

Calculate and interpret the mean as an average

Yusuf left a wonderful comment on the blog about a challenge him and his family had a go at! He challenged me to have a go so I happily obliged. You have to lay on your front and hold your arms behind you back, without rolling onto your side or onto your back, you have to stand up straight. Here is a video of me showing you how it is done! Why not have a go yourself?

Another day and another challenge, this time from Miss Wetherill. As you all know me and Miss Wetherill are very competitive so I had to make it look much easier than she did! The challenge is to throw a ball in the air and do head, shoulders, knees and toes before catching it. I loved this challenge and even had my sidekick to help me whilst out on our lunchtime walk. Why not have a go at it yourself? Don't forget to send the videos to the Year 6 email address.

NEW CHALLENGE ALERT! Me and Miss Shirra were sent a lovely video from Mrs Mountain and her family yesterday about a challenge they had been set. The objective is to make an holder that would protect an egg if it was re-entering the Earth's atmosphere from space. The higher your device is thrown without the egg smashing the better. They came up with some amazing ideas but do you think you could do better? Why not watch the video, gather your ideas and have a go yourself. Send any videos you take to the Year 6 email address, we would love to see your attempts!

Restaurant Asquith

Bookings must be made in advance, thank you for your cooperation!

Year 6 Asquith Art Gallery

Year 6 Blog!

Online survey for the parents

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Year 6 Blog!

I hope everybody is staying safe and enjoying the work we have been providing! This blog post is for the parents - an online survey has been added to the coronavirus update page on the website. We are asking all parents with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to complete this so we can gather feedback in regards to safety of children in school. Thank you in advance!

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Optional challenge

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Year 6 Blog!

I hope everybody is well and looking after themselves (and their families)! Year 6 have been nominated to create the optional challenge for the whole school this week and have based it around VE day which is on Friday. So get your creative hats on and celebrate VE day with your families!

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Restaurant Asquith

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Year 6 Blog!

Most of you will have collected your packs for the next couple of weeks now and will have seen that the first week is all about meal plans! We want to know what you are going to be making, leave us a comment and don't forget to send a photo of the finished product!

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Alphabet challenge!

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Year 6 Blog!

A new challenge for today, you will all know by now teachers love to use the same sentence to help you practice every letter of the alphabet in your handwriting book. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is called a pangram, but my challenge is for you to make your own and practice it in your handwriting book that got sent home. Remember every letter of the alphabet has to be used. Leave us a comment telling us what your sentence is!

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Social distanced selfie!

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Year 6 Blog!

A big hello from the Year 6's in school with me today, we miss you!

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