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Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield


Asquith Primary School

Growing to Succeed



Your class teachers are Miss Wetherill and Mr Armstrong.

UKS2 is supported by Miss McDermott, Miss Goodwin and Mrs Mountain.

Here you will find useful information about our classes, as well as photographs sharing what we have been doing in school.


PE Days

PE days are Thursdays and Fridays.

We will be aiming to run the fun run (formerly mile run) wherever possible - it would be great if your child could have suitable footwear available in school each day.



Signed by parents over the weekend and by the class teacher on a Monday each week in class assembly.

Please feel free to use your child's planner as a means of communication if you would like to pass on any messages to their class teacher.



Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday, to be completed by the following Wednesday. If your child is unable to complete this at home they will have the chance to do so in school on Monday and Tuesday break and lunchtimes in homework club.

Homework club will take place in year 5 classrooms.

Moving forward, we will be setting homework on the website Mirodo. If your child is unable to access a computer or tablet at home, they are able to use these in homework club or request paper copies of homework.

Usernames and planners can be found in the back of your child's planner.




Children in Year 5 are expected to spend 1 hour on their homework each week. This will consist of spelling practise and a Maths homework, relating to the work covered in class that week. It is expected that your child reads for at least 10 minutes each night as part of their homework from school. It would be really beneficial if you could encourage your child to do this. Please evidence this in your child's reading record in their planner. They can earn teampoints for their teams if their home reading is recorded.



Children are welcome to take books from the school library, as well as our class library, and read them at home as well as being given opportunities to read in school time. Every child has been given a colour banded book and is expected to have one of these books in their bag or school drawer, in addition to any other books that they are reading.

Bug Club is up and running and login details can be found in children's planners. We sometimes use Bug Club in guided reading sessions, and children will occasionally be set grammar and spelling activities to complete as homework.



Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Wednesday. We are using the Read, Write, Inc. programme where spelling patterns and rules are focused on each day ready to test the following week. These spellings are recorded in planners to ensure that children have the opportunity to practise any they are still unsure of by the end of the week.


Predominantly, we will be practising spellings from the year 5/6 N.C spelling list. The full list of year 3/4 and 5/6 words can be found on the spelling platform of the school website. All children should have access to this, login details can be found in their school planners.


 Autumn 1

In Science we are looking at Space! We spent the afternoon researching and learning all about the phases of the Moon. We used Oreos to help us understand that the Moon is always spherical and that what we see is the Sun's light reflecting off its surface. The best part was getting to eat our posters once we had successfully made them!

Recommended websites...


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Login details can be found in your child's planners. 





Year 5 Blog

Christmas concert practise is under way!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we started listening to the songs that we will be performing in our Christmas concert at Morley Town Hall (10/12). This year's theme is movie soundtracks!

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UKS2 Netball competition

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we ran the first in-school teams competition, which was netball! Year 5 and 6 students signed up to be part of their netball house team netball squad and played against each other to win 50 team points for their house teams! The winners were Scatcherd! All students who took part showed real Asquith Spirit! 

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Looking for Callum workshop

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week, we were visited by two members of the Theatre in Education Leeds Programme. We watched them perform a short play about a young boy who had some very mature decisions to make. Year 5 listened carefully and gave their opinions maturely and respectfully when taking part in the workshop that took place the same day. More information about this workshop can be found under the safeguarding tab.

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Robinwood Residential

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week was particularly excited because we began to discuss the residential to Robinwood! We don't go until Februrary 2020 but this week we held our parent meeting and started talking in classes about our upcoming adventure!

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Book Bus

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

What a great start to the week! Year 5 loved visiting the Book Bus this week, we are hoping for another visit this year :) 

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