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Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield


Asquith Primary School

Growing to Succeed



Your class teachers are Miss Wetherill and Mrs McGough, supported by Miss Myers and Mrs Mountain.

Here you will find useful information about our classes, as well as photographs sharing what we have been doing in school.       

PE Days

PE days are Mondays and Thursdays.

We will be aiming to run the mile on Thursdays to avoid confusion as to when the children need their PE kits.



Signed by parents over the weekend and by the class teacher on a Tuesday each week.

Please feel free to use your child's planner as a means of communication if you would like to pass on any messages.



Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday, to be completed by the following Wednesday. If your child is unable to complete this at home they will have the chance to do so in school on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes in homework club.

Homework club will take place in year 5 classrooms.

Moving forward we will be setting homework on the website Mirodo. If they are unable to access a computer or tablet at home, they are able to use these in homework club or request paper copies of homework. Usernames and planners can be found in the back of your child's planner.




Children in Year 5 are expected to spend 1 hour on their homework each week. This will consist of spelling practise and a Maths homework relating to the work covered in class that week. It is expected that your child reads for at least 10 minutes each night as part of their homework from school. It would be really beneficial if you could encourage your child to do this.



Year 5 visit the library on Wednesdays each week where they are able to change their book and choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction catering for all ages and abilities.

Children are welcome to take books from the school library as well as our class library and read them at home as well as being given opportunities to read in school time. Every child has been given a colour banded book and is expected to have one of these books in their bag or school drawer in addition to any other books that they are reading.

Bug Club is up and running and login details can be found in children's planners. We will be using Bug Club in guided reading sessions, and children will occasionally be set grammar and spelling activities to complete as homework.



Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Wednesday. We are using the Read, Write, Inc. programme where  spelling patterns and rules are focused on each day ready to test the following week. These spellings are recorded in planners to ensure that children have the opportunity to practise any they are still unsure of by the end of the week.


Predominantly, we will be practising spellings from the year 5/6 N.C spelling list. The full list of year 3/4 and 5/6 words can be found on the spelling platform of the school website. All children should have access to this, login details can be found in their school planners.


 Image result for 1 mile run



For the past three years, as part of a whole school effort, each class has taken part in a weekly 1 mile run.

The benefits resulting from this have been fantastic! Not only has it been evident that children have been getting fitter, and therefore healthier, but it is also clear that they are becoming more confident, with children applying their new found determination to their work ethic in the classroom. We are keen to continue running at least once a week and ask you to please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear in school so that they are able to take part.




As part of our Ancient Greek topic, we have been reading the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. We are using our fantastic imaginations to rewrite this infamous story in the form of a newspaper report and have been getting into the journalistic frame of mind by recording our very own take on a breaking new bulletin.

Watch this space for the upcoming video footage!


World Book Day was great fun! Year 5 made a fantastic effort with their costumes. They started the day with a book swap with their buddy classes red and green butterflies (reception). Then played games involving popular books and book characters in their school teams! We finished off the day by creating our very own book cover, spine and blurb.


Year 5 had an amazing time on our residential to Robinwood! We worked brilliantly as a team and really pushed ourselves to face our fears and get the most out of an exciting three days away.

Autumn 2

Our visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre and DIG was fantastic! Year 5 explored Viking age Britain as they travelled back through time underground the City of York (formerly Jorvik). We had a great time learning all about the day to day lives of the Vikings, before coming back to the present and having a go at being archeologists for the afternoon at DIG.



Autumn 1


As part of our space topic in Autumn 1, Year 5 pupils worked in groups to investigate the movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We made mini models using paper plates and split pins that helped us to learn about the difference between the terms rotating and orbiting. 

Recommended websites...


English/ Maths/ Science













Login details can be found in your child's planners. 






Poplar Class


Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Poplar Class

Mirodo is back up and running! The children in year 5 will continue to be set personalised tasks that will need to be completed by Wednesday of each week (this is in line with the homework policy). There will be both Maths and English tasks available to complete - pupils will be givenn the name of their specific homework task to note down in planners each Friday. 

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Homework Club

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Poplar Class

Just a reminder, homework club runs each Monday and Tuesday lunchtime in Y5 classrooms. Y5 teachers will be available to support from 12:30 - 1:00 on both days if children are unable to complete homework at home for any reason.

Sign up sheets can be found in both Poplar and Birch class :) 

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Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Poplar Class

Mirodo is the website that we have been using to set homework since our start back after the Christmas holidays. The children's accounts are currently inactive but we are in the process of sorting this and will update you as soon as the accounts are back up and running.

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