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At Asquith we follow the 'Jolly Phonics' synthetic phonics programme.  Discreet phonics sessions are taught daily and are both fun and multi-sensory to appeal to different learning styles with our children. We use 'Jolly Phonics'' to learn the first 42 sounds via songs and actions.

Each child has a Jolly Phonics book of activity sheets to keep at home. At the end of every week the children take home the letter sounds they have learnt in their daily Phonics lessons. We ask parents to kindly put these sheets in their child's Jolly Phonics book and to support them at home to learn the new letter sounds.

Each child also has a sound mat in the front of their reading record to support them with their reading.


Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

We enjoy singing along to these Jolly Phonics songs and learning an action for each letter sound.

To hear the songs, you can download the Jolly Phonics app https://www.jollylearning.co.uk/shop/uk-shop/phonics-resources/jolly-apps/jolly-songs-app/ OR you can find the songs on YouTube.

How to pronounce letter sounds correctly.


Alphablocks on Cbeebies or YouTube can be a great way to revise letter sounds that we have learnt in class. Type 'Alphablocks' and the specific sound you are wanting to revise on YouTube. For example - 'Alphablock ai sound'.

Learning letter names

Here are some fun videos to learn the letter names of the alphabet. We love listening to these in class.

Click on the videos below to sing along at home!

Learning Tricky words

Sing the tricky word songs with us!

We can't sound out tricky words as they wouldn't make sense...this is why they are very tricky! 

Please help us at home to recognise these words by sight and memory. There might be tricky words in our reading books that we can point out, or even in our favourite story books at home.  

We should now know the following tricky words by sight;

Phase 2 tricky words -   the, I, go, no, into, to, and, is, it. Phase 3 tricky words -   he, she, we, be, me, my, they, was, all, are, you, her.

When we return to school we will begin learning Phase 4 tricky words. 

We love singing the songs below to help us learn tricky words. Click on the links below and sing along at home! 

#don't let it trick you!

Phase 2 tricky word song

Phase 3 tricky word song

Phase 4 tricky word song