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Maths in Reception

In our Maths lessons we enjoy counting forwards and backwards from 0-20, singing number rhymes, using numicon, playing orchard toy games, learning about patterns and lots more...

In class we spend two or three weeks learning about one number at a time and watch Numberblocks to inspire our learning.

We cover both number and shape, space and measure objectives including ;

counting in objects using number names in order using 1:1 correspondance, one more and one less, addition and subtraction, double and halving, number bonds, shapes and their properties, time (o'clock) and money (coins).


Take a look at the some of the learning we have previously done in Reception...

Number 9

Oh no!!! The Evil Pea from 'Supertato' has been playing tricks on us in class this week and his latest trick was making numbers vanish! Our job was to work out what the missing number was in each number sentence. We worked as a team using numicon to help us work out the answers. You can not beat us Evil Pea! 

#Thinkasaurus #Number9 

Meet Octoblock!

Possibly one of our favourite Numberblocks so far. Meet number 8, also known as 'Octoblock'. We have turned into Authors this week for #WorldBookDay and have been writing all about 'Octoblock' and his superhero powers. We are also having fun using raisins to take away from the number 8 and we have realised that when we take away (eat the raisins) the amount gets smaller. In our morning jobs we are enjoying making number 8 towers using numicon. #NumberFun #Octoblock #Octogan 

Lucky number 7

After our inspiring visit to the Bradford Alhambra Theatre to see 'Snow White and the SEVEN Dwarfs' we have moved onto learning all about the number 7. 'Oh yes we have!'

In class we are having fun making our very own number 7 hats using our own ideas to represent the number 7. We are really enjoyed singing along to 'I can sing a rainbow' counting the 7 colours in a rainbow and learning the seven days in a week!

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Six is in the mix!

Six spots on a dice, make the shape...6! We are getting really confident with the number bonds to 6 in class. We are beginning to draw the 'part part whole model' ourselves and explain our thinking for example "4 is a part, 2 is a part and 6 is the whole". Some of us are showing an interest in writing number sentences too!

We have also discussed making 6 with coins and where the big hand and small hand should be when it is 6 o'clock. In class we have enjoyed playing lots of games that have helped us practise 'subitising' spots on a dice (saying the amount of dots without counting).

Number 5

We continue our number journey learning all about the number 5. We will learn about the pentagon and its properties, a star and its 5 points, addition and subtraction to 5 using objects, double 5 and lots of more cool maths facts including one more and one less than 5.

Watch the Numberblocks 5 episode below and join in on the fun! #HiFive

The fourness of four!

In class we are enjoying using different objects and our own ideas to make and represent the number 4. We have explored the time 4 o'clock, and what this looks like. We have discussed the square, rectangle and diamond and how these shapes with their 4 corners and 4 sides represent 4. In class we are also looking at how 4 is made up from different numbers using numicon. The possibilities are endless when you are learning about the fourness of four! 

#explorosaurus #fourfun #makinglearningfun


We are learning all about the number 3! 

Watch the Numberblocks 3 episode below! When learning about the number 3, we will cover both number and shape, space and measure objectives. We have already enjoyed learning about how to represent 3 in different ways. We will also discuss one more and one less than three, the difference between three towers using language such as tallest, shortest, greater and fewer.