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Asquith Primary School

Growing to Succeed

Our School

 Asquith Primary School opened in September 2002 and is located in Morley, South Leeds. 

Our school aim is  'To build a school where achievement is high and every child is able to develop and thrive within a supportive atmosphere, where learning is fun and the value of each individual is evident'.  We are proud of our inclusive ethos and work hard to meet the needs of all pupils.

You will find key information about our school on this page.

School Values

The children wrote our 'Asquith Values' based on the Olympic Values.  Ferdi is our values mascot and he was designed by a pupil.


We want everyone to get along and to have fun whilst they are at Asquith.


We think everyone should be given the same opportunity to succeed. Treat everyone fairly.


We look after everyone and everything. Everyone matters at Asquith Primary. We listen to each other and help when we can.


We have a ‘can do’ attitude and never give up.


We are good role models for others and try to help each other to succeed. We look around us for ideas that we can use to improve ourselves.

Asquith opened in 2002, with much press interest as the school ‘with only 12 pupils.  As the school grew, we quickly became over-subscribed and, in 2012, we were expanded to two-form entry with a KS2 building built on our site.  

The school was built under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funding and the premises are currently managed and maintained by Mitie.  

Our name was chosen by the readers of the local newspaper and we became Asquith Primary School in honour of Herbert Henry Asquith, Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916 and one of Morley’s most famous figures.  He is also the great-grandfather of Helena Bonham Carter!

The children enjoy learning about him and we are proud of our connection with local history.

Every school receives funding which is generated by pupils that;

  • Are or have been entitled to free school meals within the last 6 years

  • Are from an armed forces family

  • Are looked after by the local authority

At Asquith Primary, we ensure that our disadvantaged pupils receive our support to maximise their potential. We are determined that social disadvantage will not determine academic achievement. The aim of our school approach is to counteract the limitations which may have been incurred, focusing on providing wider opportunities and a developed sense of well-being.

A detailed breakdown of our expenditure for the current year is in the related documents section.

Ofsted is the inspectorate for children and learners in England. It is our job to contribute to the provision of better education and care through effective inspection and regulation." - Ofsted.

Our most recent inspection was on 8th May 2019 and the report can be found in the related documents section.

Formal assessments did not take place in summer 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

We assessed children using teacher assessment and also past SATS papers.  Our un-validated school assessments were;


GLD All pupils  45%    GLD Pupil Premium 33%     GLD Non Pupil Premium 46%

GLD = Good Level of Development


ARE Combined 43%   ARE Reading 62%    ARE Writing 42%   ARE Maths 60%

ARE = Age Related Expectation


Combined 72%   GD 28%   PP55%   PP GD 8%

Reading 73%   GD44%   PP 94%    PP GD 50%

Writing 77%   GD 9%    PP 66%    PP GD 17%

Maths 92%    GD 47%   PP 61%   PP GD 17%

GD = Greater Depth   PP = Pupil Premium

At Asquith Primary we aim to ensure that:

  • Appropriate action is taken in a timely manner to safeguard and promote children’s welfare

  • All staff are aware of their statutory responsibilities with respect to safeguarding, identifying children in need of early help, at risk of harm or those that have been harmed.

  • Staff are properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues

  • A culture of vigilance is created and maintained to ensure that we will also act in the best interests of children to protect them online and offline.

  • Systems for reporting abuse are well promoted, easily understood and easily accessible for children

Our safeguarding team includes;

Mrs Gill Austerfield (Headteacher)

Mrs Juli Aldwinkle (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Ruth Johnson (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Liz Daniszewski (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Jackie Jeavons (Designated Safeguarding Staff)

Miss April Shirra (Designated Safeguarding Staff)

Miss Joanne Haley (Designated Safeguarding Staff)

SEND Key Information

Our SENCO is Mrs Liz Daniszewski. 

Her email address is elizabeth.daniszewski@asquithprimary.org


Our Learning Mentors are Mrs Jackie Jeavons and Mrs Ruth Johnson.

Their email addresses are;




We have developed our SEN Information Report to meet the needs of children with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) and it can be accessed through the following link.

SEND Information Report Nov 2021

Accessibility Plan for disabled pupil Sept 2020-2023

Visit the link below for the Leeds local offer


Our SEN Policy is available to download on the link below.

SEND Policy Nov 2021

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