Horsfall Street, Morley, Leeds
West Yorkshire, LS27 9QY

Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield


Asquith Primary School

Growing to Succeed


The governing body is responsible for many aspects of school organisation, and is made up of a range of people with a different perspective on education.  There are representatives from the local community, staff from school and also parents.  Members are elected to serve for four years and the parents elect parent’s representatives.

The governors have a duty to maintain an overview of school organisation and to make decisions about policies and school development.  They work with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that the education that all children receive
is of high quality and that the learning environment is pleasant and safe. If you have any questions about the school, including the curriculum, please address them to the Headteacher or chair of governors, or refer to the complaints procedure, which is kept in school.

List of Governors 2018/2019  
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Mrs Gill Austerfield c/o Asquith Primary School
LEA Representatives  
Mrs Julie Barker-Smith c/o Asquith Primary School
Parent Representatives  
Ms Jane Watson c/o Asquith Primary School 
Mrs Paulette Bywater c/o Asquith Primary School
Staff Representatives  
Mrs Juli Aldwinkle c/o Asquith Primary School
Co-opted Representatives  
VACANCY c/o Asquith Primary School
Mr Lalit Suryawanshi c/o Asquith Primary School
Mr Phil Jones c/o Asquith Primary School
Mr Mohammad Shan-A-Khuda  c/o Asquith Primary School
VACANCY c/o Asquith Primary School
Mr Nigel Bradley c/o Asquith Primary School
Ms April Shirra c/o Asquith Primary School
Other Representatives  
Chairperson Mrs Julie Barker-Smith
Vice Chairperson Mrs Rachel Addinall
Inclusion/SEN Mrs Sarah Neal
Child Protection Mr Nigel Bradley
Children Looked After  Mr Nigel Bradley
Health and Safety Mr Roger Bell
Attendance and Behaviour Mrs Rachel Addinall
Maths Mrs Julie Barker-Smith
Writing Mrs Paulette Bywater
Complaints Mr P Jones
Clerk to Governors Mr Joseph Franklin