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Every school receives a sports grant as part of the Olympic legacy from London 2012.


Sports Grant Impact Report 2015/2016

Sports Grant Impact Report 2016/2017

Sports Grant Impact Report 2017/2018

Sports Grant Action Plan 2018/2019

Sports Grant Action Plan 2019/2020

Sports Grant Action Plan 2020/2021

Sports Grant Action Plan 2021/2022



 PE Partner use a Spiral Curriculum approach to education, that introduces key concepts to students at a young age and covers these repeatedly, with increasing degrees of complexity. For more information about this see the pdf. link below. We are also looking to begin running a more games based curriculum through teacher led sessions with the help of our friends at PE Partner.


Spiral PE Framework



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Here is a link to the School Sports Partnership website for our school, where you can find information about upcoming competitions and clubs affiliated with Asquith Primary.





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We are proud to be working alongside Premier League Primary Stars. This year we will be working closely with coaches to plan and deliver fun and engaging PE activities to help pupils develop their skills in everything from balance and coordination to athletics and throwing skills. In addition to this, challenging topics such as resilience, diversity and self-esteem, will be brought to life by personal insights from children and top figures of the sporting world. 

Follow the link for more information:




We have been lucky enough to work with the Leeds United Foundation for a number of years now and we are still excited to be getting involved in player meets and fundraisers. We have had some amazing prizes and got the chance to meet former goalkeeper Bailey Peacock. We look to continue our good relationship with the football club and are thrilled to be cheering them on in their Premier League campaign!


We are incredibly proud to be awarded a gold School Games Award for three consecutive years and we were well on our way to achieving a fourth in 19/20. A huge part of winning these awards is due to our level of participation in physical activity. In addition to the two hours of PE each week and a weekly mile run, we also take part in competitions and clubs both in and out of school. This is something we are very proud of!

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Swimming lessons run throughout the year in Year 4 classes only although due to the pandemic this year, Year 5 will also be taking part in swimming lessons. Please click the link to read advice for parents about swimming in school.


Advice for parents on swimming 



Year 1 to 3 - Multisport on Mondays.

Year 4 to 6 - Multisport on Tuesdays.



Year 5 and 6 Football Club - Thursday







Sports at Asquith

The return of Destination Judo

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Sports at Asquith

We were lucky enough to have Destination Judo come into school again this year! This is the second year in a row we have had them in and this time even got the opportunity to have an after school club. Balazs was an amazing coach and really got the children excited about Judo. We are hoping to continue this partnership into next year so look out for the after school club!

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LKS2 - you're up!

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Sports at Asquith

It was time for the second inter-school tournament. We ran with the same format and sport - Netball! Our Year 3's and 4's played some amazing Netball and it was lovely to see so many supporters come to watch again. We are really hoping we can implement more school competitions next year, hopefully the weather won't stop us as much as it did this time around!

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Dodgeball, dodgeball and more dodgeball

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Sports at Asquith

The sport came thick and fast before the Christmas holidays which was amazing! Next up was Year 5 that got invited to compete in the South Leeds Dodgeball Cup and came in a very respectable 3rd place. Some very good dodgeball was played and I think we definitely have a good chance next year in the Year 6 competition!

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Our first inter-school tournament

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Sports at Asquith

Our second highlight of the year was our first inter-school competition! We have been looking at ways of engaging as many pupils in competitive sport as we possibly could this year and what better way of doing this than holding team competitions. After a hard fought couple of days, Scatcherd came out victorious winning the first team trophy of the year. It was amazing seeing how many children got involved and the also number of pupils that surrounded the MUGA and cheered on their teams!

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Reliving the sporting highlights

Joshua JONES (joshua.jones) on: Sports at Asquith

Unfortunately the year came to an end early which means we didn't manage to compete in as many competitions as we wanted to this year. However, there were still some amazing highlights for Asquith this year! Our first highlight was that we took part in Sport Hall Athletics for the first time and the children loved it.

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