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We will be using this page to try to keep parents informed of the current situation in school.  We will include useful resources for your children to access at home.

Coronavirus- A Book For Children.pdf - A lovely, beautifully illustrated explanation for children.

Risk Assessment

We have carried out a full risk assessment before making our decision to open school for all pupils.  A copy is attached below.  This is under constant review as the situation changes and we continue to make decisions about school opening and provision.

RA COVID 19 Asquith Primary v6.01 10 September 2021

Outbreak management Plan v1.01 10th September 2021


Please see below for advice for home learning and scroll down to find extra links and activities to keep you busy at home!


We know (as parents ourselves) that working from home and taking care of young children is challenging, so any learning to fit in can be tricky.  Please don't feel that you have to complete all or any of the activities we have given you. We are not expecting you all to become teachers overnight, you are still first and foremost parents/carers to your children. You are and always have been your child's first educator. 

Regular reading, keeping healthy and staying safe and happy are the most important things at the moment. 

With that in mind, all home resources that teachers have given and the resources linked below are there to support you if you can/want to do some activities with your child.  They are not designed to teach your child something new but to consolidate prior learning. Hopefully, they are activities that your child can complete independently or with limited support from yourself so that you can get on with your own work if you are working from home. 

If you have any questions or concerns please either: email the class teacher using their year group email, see their class page for more information, Nursery and Reception parents can also use Tapestry.

For "home learning" or at its best "distance learning", you may find that creating a timetable with your child/children may help. If you do make a timetable remember to include time for the children to entertain themselves so that you can get your work or your usual household jobs done. It is important to get a balance so that you all feel happy being at home together all day.

If you have a partner, taking turns to 'work' whilst the other adult is with the children is a good strategy.

Everything is a balancing act at the moment - it's a learning curve for all of us.

The most important thing for all of us is to stay safe, healthy and happy during this difficult time. 

Please see Class Page Links 

(Nursery and Reception are primarily using TAPESTRY to keep in touch)



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Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

OPTIONAL FUN CHALLENGES - Have a go at these challenges! We will be sharing these on Tapestry too for children in Nursery and Reception.

Click on this link for the challenges 


E-Safety - we are aware that children will be using the internet more and more as they continue learning at home. It is important that we ensure that all of our children are safe on line and that they are using age appropriate resources. 

Below is also a selection of resources available for parents to support with this: 


1.    NSPCC NetAware provides a useful guide to social networks, apps and guide. 


2.   National Online Safety have produced a series of top tips guides to support remote learning for Parents, Children and Teachers.


3.    Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline for different age groups and parents.


4.   Childnet has produced a Parent and Carer Toolkit which is a collection of three resources designed to help you talk to your child about their online life, manage boundaries around family internet use and point you in the direction of where to get further help and support.


5.    https://www.ineqe.com/2020/03/30/houseparty-how-safe-is-the-app-taking-the-uk-by-storm/ 


As we are starting to spend more time outside use this website for fun in the sun tips - how do we keep our children safe in the sun? 

Real PE home login details

PSHE and SEMH Resources for parents

Useful Website List

Child Friendly Coronavirus information

For more PSHE, Citizenship and SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning) resources please click on the link below:



Online support and counselling for young people - a fantastic resource for children who need someone to talk to during this difficult time 


A child friendly booklet explaining why most children can't come to school - please read this with your child. it will help with confusion and worries. 

SEND and Child friendly explanation of Coronavirus 

Our friends at Premier League Primary Stars have come up with some great resources fro home learning. They even do a star of the week! Check out their new resources using he link below:



Useful Teaching and Activity Resources - brilliant list of Websites for each subject


Things I can do at home (for visual timetable) - This is a great resource, I think most parents will love the life skills section!

 Reading Wise

Offering free  resources for reading and literacy during period of school closure.

Online reading programmes that can all be accessed at home and teachers can administer them remotely.


 Year of Reading

David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day at the moment



SEND - ADHD and ASD Home Learning Advice.pdf







Extra activities for home learning if you wish to use them...



Here is a great link for learning at home using lego! We know how much you love your lego!






Leeds United Primary Stars

Our primary stars partners are offering activities and ideas to support you learning from home. Please follow the website link and click on the guide to get you set up.